Sunday, September 17, 2023

Bigfoot (Five by Five - Back To Basics)

You will find a new entry in the list of "My RPGs" in the nav-bar. Bigfoot (2023) is the latest and last version of the game that began life in 2008 as Five By Five. Over the past 15 years since Five By Five's release, it has gone through many revisions, but it has continued to find its way to my game table.

One thing that I have learned as I have tinkered with this particular game, is that it is best when things are kept simple. That's what this final version of the game is: simple. And while Bigfoot remains simple like its predecessor Five By Five, it contains a lot of small tweaks and changes. These changes are all intended to embrace the philosophy of: simple is best.

The dice mechanic remains, but again I find that a slight change in the array of target numbers makes everything better. Equipment / gear has been modified (eliminating re-rolls). Critical results have been made more common to encourage extreme and heroic role-play. Character creation and advancement has been simplified, and Karma points have been removed and special dice no longer referenced or required.

I have a crunchier game (Fate & Fortune) in the works, and I am really excited about how it's going. I don't need to try to make Bigfoot into something it's not. It works. It has worked for 15 years. This version focuses on embracing everything that works and discarding the rest.

You can get a form-fillable version of the character sheet here too, if you'd like.



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