Saturday, April 20, 2024

Harmonies Board Game Review

Almost missed my post today. Julie and I have been playing a new board game (It just hit stores on Friday.) all day today. The game is called: Harmonies. If we had played Harmonies when I ranked my Top 100, it would have landed somewhere in the top 20, maybe the top 10. It's that good!

In Harmonies players draft chonky wooden disks to create a habitat for animals to live. (It's a bit like Cascadia, but the drafting reminds me of Azul.) You score points for creating habitats appropriate to specific animals, and just for grouping your land features in certain ways. 

On your turn, you select a group of 3 disks/tiles (like in Azul, except you always keep all three) and then you must place them. This can be tricky, because you might get a tile that won't be placed for you in an optimal way, but you still have to find somewhere to put it.

You may also choose an animal card, if you don't have four already. Be careful though, these cards stay with you until you complete them. The animal cards have spaces to store a few cubes. You can remove a cube from the card and place it into the habitats that you are creating if they meet that animal's requirements. Once all cubes are placed, the card is complete and it frees up space for a new card. 

This puzzle of building the terrains and then creating the habitats for the animals is really breezy and fun. You're just creating patterns with the disks and putting cubes on them. But, because of the application of the theme to both the disks and the animal cards everything is intuitive. Julie and I were up and playing in minutes. The game is quick to learn, quick to set up, and quick to play. But, then oh so thinky! It's awesome!!

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