Thursday, May 25, 2023

My 500th Blog Post!

My first post to this blog was Monday, May 25th, 2009 ... 14 years ago today!

For my 500th post, I thought that it might be fun to go back through my blog and take a look at a few of my favorite posts of the past.

In my first post, I talk about A Thousand Monkeys, A Thousand Typewriters. Which is a reference to Infinite Monkey Theorem. 

I believe that the theorem is attributed to french mathematician, Émile Borel, but I attribute it to the fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) from the Doctor Who episode: Mawdryn Undead. It's a theory about probability and seems especially well suited for a website that collects the written works of RPG designers. It's also cool (at least to me) that Mawdryn Undead is my all time favorite classic Doctor Who episode.

I was fairly active at 1km1kt for a few years and some of my earliest RPG designs are hosted there. I was even a moderator on the forums there for awhile.

One very early post is special to me because I talk about playing "D&D" with my then 5 year old daughter, Kaylee (now 18). 

I posted a memorial to my dear friend and long time fellow gamer, Robert Briggs shortly after his death.

One of my RPG designs Hi/Lo Heroes drew some attention in other blogs and even got a translation into French. I really should revisit that design one day. 

I designed these character classes for Labyrinth Lord that I still think are cool.

This actual play report for a Five By Five superhero session remains one of my favorite gaming memories.

This post about work on Hero DxD is heartbreaking because my good friend who was going to co-author the final work with me passed away. He is dearly missed.

This blog was also known as "Comic Book Heart" for awhile. I really love comic books and these posts sharing childhood comic book memories are favorites.

Finally, this post has links to all my RPG projects. I will verify the links to make sure that they all still work. (Or you can check the side-bar at the right.)

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around for these 500 posts. I hope to continue to post here for another 500 entries.



Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #6)

Character Ancestries

With profession sorted, it's time to look at ancestry. In DT it's not enough to say: my character is an elf. DT asks: how does ancestry manifest? That's: Origin Powers.

Origin Powers (pick 2)

All characters have two Origin Powers. It's up to you what sort of ancestry the powers imply. Choose the powers first, then decide what ancestry these powers suggest to you.

(Example ancestries are only suggestions. Play how you want.)


You have remarkable control over your body's movement. You are Helped on any ATH actions involving physical speed, balance or grace. Examples: catfolk, elves.


You can live in water as easily as on land. You can breathe underwater. Actions made while at least half submerged in water are Helped. Examples: frogfolk, cecaelia.

Animal Friend

You can speak to animals and they understand you but cannot speak back. Actions involving working with normal animals are Helped. Examples: centaurs, princesses.


Your appearance is especially pleasing. You are Helped on AWR actions involving persuation where physical attractiveness can play a part. Examples: angels, princes.


You can see clearly in absolute darkness. You aren't Hindered by absence of light. AWR perception actions taken in low light are Helped. Examples: mausfolk, dwarves.


You have wings and use them to fly, but you are either very small or very light of frame. You can only equip light weapons and armor. Examples: birdfolk, fairies.

Natural Armor

You have a natural body covering that protects you from harm (fur, hide, scales, etc.) Your Ablative Cushion is +1 if using light or no armor. Examples: turtlefolk, demons.

Natural Weaponry

You have natural weaponry (claws, horn, bite, fire breath, tusks, etc.) that you can use fighting HTH. Your unarmed weapon ST is 3. Examples: bearfolk, dragonfolk.

Press The Advantage

You are driven by the thrill of victory. When you roll a Triumph! in combat, you are automatically Helped on your first action next turn. Examples: humans, orcs.

Quick To Rally

You gain renewed resolve after a setback. When you roll Trouble! in combat, you are automatically Helped on your first action next turn. Examples: halflings, duckfolk.


You are capable of great feats of physical power and endurance. You are Helped on  ATH actions involving physical might or fortitude. Examples: pandafolk, minotaurs.

Track By Scent

You can identify others by odors that most can't detect. You are helped on  AWR actions to follow the trail of beings you have met. Examples: wolflings, goblins.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #5)

Profession: Savage

The Savage's key skill is Athletics. Savages start with the profession power: Born To Be Wild. Their other profession powers are: Unbreakable and Beast Master.

Born To Be Wild

Savage Power - Requires ATH 4 (5) - You climb trees or cliffs and swing from vines like one raised by the wild. Athletic Actions in the wilderness are Helped.


Savage Power - Requires ATH 8 (10) - You are tougher than most. You have 3 points of natural resistance to all forms of elemental damage. (This acts like armor.)

Beast Master (Beast Pet limit one)

Savage Power - Requires ATH 12 (15) - You have tracked, chased, and wrestled a wild beast, making it your pet (see Beast Pet below.) Requires: Born To Be Wild.

Beast Pet (Beast Pet gets 1 Origin Power)

Beast Pet has: Deadly Weapon (Mystic) and Born To Be Wild (Savage) powers. ATH:5, AWR:1, DGE:5, HTH:10, KNW:1, MWP:0, RWP:0, STL:1, TNK:0, WLP:1.

Profession: Shadow

The Shadow's key skill is Stealth. Shadows start with the profession power: Sneak. Their other profession powers are: Slight Of Hand and Shadow Walk.


Shadow Power - Requires STL 4 (5) - When trying to hide under cover of darkness and move silently without being detected, your STL actions are Helped.

Slight of Hand

Shadow Power - Requires STL 8 (10) - STL actions requiring manual dexterity and misdirection, such as picking pockets, shell games and magic tricks are Helped.

Shadow Walk

Shadow Power - Requires STL 12 (15) - You step into the darkness and disappear then reappear in another place of darkness within walking distance. Requires: Sneak.

Profession: Warrior

The Warrior's key skill is Melee Weapons. Warriors start with the power: Improved Critical. Their other powers are: Deadly Momentum and Exploding Critical.

Improved Critical

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 4 (5) - When making a weapon strength roll for damage following a Triumph! result on your attack action, you may re-roll 0's.

Deadly Momentum

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 8 (10) - When you defeat an enemy with an attack action, make an immediate free attack action against another enemy within range.

Exploding Critical

Warrior Power - Requires MWP 12 (15) - For Triumph! weapon ST rolls, if you roll 5, roll again and add the result. Repeat until the roll is not 5. Requires: Improved Critical.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #4)

Profession: Mage

The Mage's key skill is Knowledge. Mages start with the power: Firebolt. Their other powers are: Spellcaster and Fireball (also see: Inferno (Trouble! Effect) below.)

Firebolt (can't be helped)

Mage Power - Requires KNW 4 (5) - Use a KNW action to make a ST 6 ranged elemental (fire) attack. On Trouble! Firebolt becomes Inferno (see below.)


Mage Power - Requires KNW 8 (10) - You have the ability to understand and control the arcane power trapped inside spell books (see rules on Spell Books.)

Fireball (can't be helped)

Mage Power - Requires KNW 12 (15) - Your Firebolt attack now targets all enemies. On Trouble! Fireball becomes Inferno (see below.) Requires: Firebolt.

Inferno (Trouble! Effect)

Trouble! Effect - When using Firebolt or Fireball, on Trouble! inflict ST 4 fire damage on every target in the combat. This includes allies, enemies and yourself.

Profession: Mystic

The Mystic's key skill is Hand To Hand. Mystics start with the profession power: Deadly Weapon. Their other powers are: Two-Fisted and Vengeful Tornado.

Deadly Weapon

Mystic Power - Requires HTH 4 (5) - You have an unarmed weapon ST equal to 1/2 your HTH rounded down. You are not Hindered by fighting an armed opponent.


Mystic Power - Requires HTH 8 (10) - When fighting unarmed with Hand To Hand, your hands possess the "dual wield" property, granting two attacks per turn.

Vengeful Tornado (helped)

Mystic Power - Requires HTH 12 (15) - If you had Trouble! last turn, roll HTH Helped to inflict unarmed ST damage to all enemies. Requires: Deadly Weapon.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Double Trouble: Fantasy Adventure (sample text #3)

Profession Powers

Each Profession has 3 Powers associated with it. You gain your first power for free based on your Profession. Additional powers must be bought with Experience (XP).

Core Skill Requirements

All powers have skill requirements. Characters can gain powers from any Profession, but selecting a power from your own Profession reduces the skill requirement.

Skill Requirement Format

Each power's entry shows the required skill rank followed by a higher rank in parenthesis. The higher rank is the requirement for taking a power outside your Profession.

Power Requirements

Some powers require other powers. You must have that power in order to obtain the new power. Power requirements are listed after the power description in italics.

Profession: Archer

The Archer's key skill is Ranged Weapons. Archers start with the power: Archery Expert. Their other profession powers are: Versatile Attack and Hail of Arrows.

Archery Expert

Archer Power - Requires RWP 4 (5) - The bow is your preferred ranged weapon. When you fire a longbow or short bow at a ranged target, your attack is Helped.

Versatile Attack

Archer Power - Requires RWP 8 (10) - You may attack a melee target with a ranged weapon or a ranged target with a melee weapon without being Hindered.

Hail Of Arrows (no action roll needed)

Archer Power - Requires RWP 10 (15) - If you Triumph! range attacked last turn, use ammo equal to enemies to do RWP ST damage to all. Requires: Archery Expert.

Profession: Bard

The Bard's key core skill is Awareness. Bards start with the power: Play By Play. Their other profession powers are: Minstrel and Devastating Boast.

Play By Play (free reaction)

Bard Power - Requires AWR 4 (5) - After another player rolls a Triump! in combat, provide an exciting verbal replay. All players are Helped on their next turn.


Bard Power - Requires AWR 8 (10) - Gain a musical instrument. AWR action to play it. Success: all players helped for ST 6 turns. Trouble: players hindered instead.

Devastating Boast (free reaction)

Bard Power - Requires AWR 12 (15) - After you roll a Triumph! in combat, rub it in, adding insult to injury. All enemies lose their next turn. Requires: Play By Play.

Profession: Duelist

The Duelist's key skill is Dodge. Duelists start with the power: Counter Attack Expert. Their other powers are: Honorable Combat and Dual Counter Attack.

Counter Attack Expert

Duelist Power - Requires DGE 4 (5) - When you gain a counter attack (by rolling a Triumph on a Dodge action,) that attack action is helped.

Honorable Combat

Duelist Power - Requires DGE 8 (10) - When an ally falls in battle, you can resolve the conflict by challenging the enemy to a one-on-one combat that they can't refuse.

Dual Counter Attack

Duelist Power - Requires DGE 12 (15) - When dual wielding, get a free attack with your off-hand weapon, when you counter attack. Requires: Counter Attack Expert.

Profession: Engineer

The Engineer's key skill is Tinkering. Engineers start with the power: Clockwork Companion. Other powers are: Traps & Locks Expert and Clockwork Soldier.

Clockwork Companion (limit one)

Engineer Power - Requires TNK 4 (5) - You have a clockwork companion (10 HP.) Choose a non-combat skill. It's rank 8 and always Helped. All other skills are rank 1.

Traps & Locks Expert

Engineer Power - Requires TNK 8 (10) - You are helped when using a Tinkering action to detect, build or disarm traps. You are also helped when picking open locks.

Clockwork Soldier (limit one)

Engineer Power - Requires TNK 12 (15) - Your clockwork soldier has rank 8 in combat & Dodge skills, and rank 1 in others. It has 20 HP.  Requires: Clockwork Companion.

Profession: Healer

The Healer's key skill is Willpower. Healers start with the power: Healing Touch. Their other profession powers are: Dispel Evil and Mass Heal.

Healing Touch (can't be helped)

Healer Power - Requires WLP 4 (5) - Requires a WLP action. Your touch heals for ST 8 HP. On Trouble! your touch can't heal this target for ST 3 days.

Dispel Evil (can't be helped)

Healer Power - Requires WLP 8 (10) - Requires a WLP action. Do ST 10 damage to all inherently evil enemies. On Trouble! targeted enemies attack you on their turn.

Mass Heal (can't be helped)

Healer Power - Requires WLP 12 (15) - Req. a WLP action. Heal all allies for ST 6. On Trouble! You can't Mass Heal again for ST 3 days. Requires: Healing Touch.