Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Over 20 years of Free RPG's

After more than 20 years of creating free RPG content for the sheer joy of fiddling with the systems and just to see what I could do with dice, and over 30 years of playing RPG games, my interests have taken me to other places.

This blog will remain for as long as Google continues to support Blogger. But I honestly don't know how long that might be. My free RPG links had been broken, so I have gone through and moved everything from Dropbox over to Google Drive. Now things are working again, so I present to you one final time, this cover gallery featuring my various free RPG projects.

Clicking on an image will download the document. This should be just about everything I've ever done. Some of it is pretty good, and some of it not so much. But, I created it to share, so take what you like and enjoy.

It's just too cool that someone translated my game into French!