Monday, February 01, 2010

Blake's Dollhouse

The news that FOX is working on an American version of Torchwood (and maybe Doctor Who) is weeks old now.

But, it got me thinking ... if FOX really wants to bring a British science fiction series to the American small screen. Why do Torchwood that everyone in America has already watched (and the British version will always be better?) Why not choose a series that NEEDS a relauch and that would be unfamiliar enough to the American public to avoid the danger of a comparison?

In the interest of geeking out for the sheer pleasure of geeking out ... I share my dream British Scifi series remade for American Television:

Blake's 7!

Personally, I would approach Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions and beg them to take on the project. Joss tends to favor actors he's worked with before so going this route will give us a head start on a cast too! Since the cast of Doll House are out of work...

Blake - the rebel leader - Tahmoh Penikett (who played Paul Ballard)

Vila - the cowardly thief - Fran Kranz (who played Topher Brink)

Gan - the gentle giant - Harry Lennix (who played Boyd)

Avon - the arrogant genius - Alan Tudyk (who played Alpha)

Jenna - the bombshell space pilot - Eliza Dushku (who played Echo)

Cally - the psychic - Dichen Lachman (who played Sierra)

Servalan - the evil seductress - Olivia Williams (who played Adelle)

Travis - the vengeful arch enemy - Enver Gjokaj (who played Victor)

Zen - the ship's computer (voice) - Alexis Denisof (who played Senator Perrin)

Tah Dah! Welcome to my Americanization that I call: Blake's Dollhouse!

(Yes, I am a geek.)


Jeff Moore


  1. Jeff - you are a genius! Send that idea off to Fox (or Joss Whedon) straight away. I still haven't cracked open the Blake's 7 DVDs my wife got me for Christmas, but this has me itching to travel back to those glory days.

  2. Flea, you got Blake's 7 DVD's for Christmas? ... Lucky Duck!