Monday, June 14, 2010

Reviews of MY GAMES on The Web!

There is some talk of my games on Check them out!

Thanks to the reviewers for taking the time to comment on my games. It means a lot to me!


Jeff Moore

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  1. HiLo Heroes: I can't wait to add my own review, once I have gotten to play it! Hopefully that will be soon, because as I wait I tinker: Splitting Blocking Powers, Nullification Powers, Training Levels... (see my blog) Bah, probably will just add up to too much record keeping, but my tinker's mind won't stop until I am assured it is what I think it is (Awesome) once it comes to fruition through game play.

    Site Layout: Love the new simple layout. The female super's ... erm, 'supers' distracted me before. = )