Sunday, October 02, 2011

Feeling SUPER ...

So, about a week ago I got an iPad 2. I am writing this entry with it. The thing is, this fantastic piece of technology ... This thing ... may very nearly replace my home PC entirely. It's just that amazing. But, not just my computer ... My game console ... My TV ... Everything. How can a single tool be so ridiculously useful?

It only just occurred to me today that I could use my pad as a ... Well, a pad ... Like a drawing pad. I grew up with my nose buried in a drawing pad. I used to want to draw comic books as a kid. Even as a young adult I clung to that dream. Now, as a 46 year-old man who is more adult than he ever wanted to be, I hold this pad in my hands and think ... "Yeah, I could draw again ... I could draw ..."

I downloaded the Art Studio app for my pad about 30 minutes ago. The quick sketch above isn't exactly the best thing I've ever done. But, I drew it with my finger ... With my finger using an app, I'd never seen before. Honestly, I'm proud of it and I felt the need to share. With some practice and a ten dollar stylus, I might be drawing again for real.

Today, I feel 20 years younger.



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