Monday, February 25, 2013

Firefly RPG

I am behind the curve on this, but since it is of particular interest to me I have decided to post about it anyway. Margret Weis Productions has announced a Firefly RPG. MWP entered into the RPG system creation game with Cortex and the Serenity RPG. Serenity is an awesome game, but limited a bit by being restricted to drawing characters only from the movie. "What? No Badger in Serenity?" This news is exciting because it shows a continued commitment to the Firefly universe which is awesome. Also, the Cortex system has evolved quite a bit since it's inception. Serenity is a lot different from Smallville which is a lot different from Marvel Heroic Role-play. All are iterations of the Cotex system. I would love to see what the Serenity RPG can evolve into under the new license.

Currently I am playing in a Battlestar Galactica game that uses the Cortex System. It's been a lot of fun. If I have one complaint of the Cortex system for Battlestar it would be the mechanic for Wounds, Stun, Shock, Healing, Recovery, Surgery ... etc. The damage and healing systems aren't as neat and tidy as the rest of the system and they don't feel like they fit to me. Serenity has a similar system. Marvel Heroic Roleplay addresses this and is much better. I hope the new Firefly game learns something from MHR's example.


Jeff Moore

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