Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hero Quest Board Artwork

For the Quests in my Diablo version of HeroQuest I am using a nifty program called, The HeroQuest Game Maker. This little tool is awesome for the designing of my quest maps, but I have decided that I'd like to have a final map image that shaded the inaccessible areas of the map and used icons that were more like the ones shown in the original quest book. So, I made my own tool for that.

This is just a layered graphic file that I created in GiMP. GiMP is an opensource graphic program available for free. I am making the final graphic versions of my dungeon maps using this as my foundation. I am really happy with the way that it's turning out.

Feel free to use these in your own HeroQuest projects if you'd like.



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  1. So, no sooner do I post this then I learn about Hero Scribe.

    It's a tool for making maps. It's not a game "player" like Game Maker that I reference above. It's just for making the quest maps.

    But, it does so very well. And very easily. The end result looks just like the quest maps that came with the original game.