Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Superman and Batman for Super-Five


Vocation (Doubles)
It is a constant struggle to hide my secret identity from my co-workers at the Daily Planet, where I am a mild mannered reporter.

Hobby (2)
I am an amatuer scientist, and I have learned much by studying pieces of technology from my lost homeworld of Krypton.

Attack (5)
I am super strong and have heat vision, but I have to be extra careful not to hurt people with my powers.

Defense (6)*
I can only be hurt by magic, krytonite, red-sun energy, or cosmic level attacks, otherwise I am invulnerable.

Mobility (3)
I can fly at nearly the speed of light, and I run almost as fast on foot.

Charge (4)
Lois Lane is the love of my life.


Vocation (2)
People see me as a billionaire playboy with unlimited resources and not a care in the world ... they got the first part right.

Hobby (Doubles)
Because of my reputation as the world's greatest detective, my enemies leave puzzling clues to taunt me.

Attack (6)*
Martial combat, and fear ... and I have a few tricks up my sleeve, various grenades, the batarang.

Defense (5)
I'm Batman ...

Mobility (4)
Custom vehicles take me where I need to go quickly, the batmobile, batplane, batboat, oh, and there's the batrope for short distances and surprise entrances.

Charge (3)
I try not to let people get too close, but Alfred is invaluable to me and the closest thing I have to family, also Jim Gordon is a friend.

* Denotes the Hero's Trait Specialization.

Here are Superman and Batman done Super-Five Template style. I could see playing a game with these characters, no problem.

The art is by an artist named Sebastian on Deviant Art. Be sure and visit his page and share some love.




  1. Great write-ups. You should put these into a PDF that can be handed out with the Super 5 rules as a character creation example.

  2. Unfortunately, because Superman and Batman are registered trademarks of DC comics company, I don't feel right about using these examples in any official capacity. I will come up with some examples for an updated more fleshed out version of Super Five at some point I am sure ... but, for now I am just going to have to let these be "fan art" and restrict them to blog only. I am glad you like them. Thanks for the feedback!