Friday, July 25, 2014

Comic Collecting - Space Ghost #1 (1987)

I used to have a pretty nice little comic book collection. Unfortunately, over the passing years and one failed marriage and many moves from place to place the majority of that collection was lost or abandoned. I've decided to rebuild some of the gems of my lost collection one book at a time. I have this post over at Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues to thank for my new ambition.
I remember fondly the Comico Space Ghost #1 written by Mark Evanier and Steve Rude, and illustrated by Steve Rude and Willie Blyberg with stunning color work by Ken Steacy from 1987. But, sadly I no longer owned a copy and had not set eyes on the book in years. Before today.

So, here it begins my personal mission to recapture some of my most memorable comic book treasures from years past. These won't necessarily be comics that are famous and fabulous collectors items to anyone other than me. These are comics that I remember. That have retained a fondness in my memory strong enough for me to seek them out again. Space Ghost #1 (1987) is one such comic.

This comic would make an awesome addition to anyone's collection. It's a premium format kind of book and a self-contained salute to the classic Hannah Barbera cartoon character of the 60's. This isn't a reimagining it is an homage. And as such, speaking as a fan of classic Space Ghost. This comic is perfect.

Evanier and Rude script a wonderfully complete story that brings together a rogues gallery of classic Space Ghost villains to battle the hero. Jan and Jace and Blip all have parts to play as well. And the art ... wow ... the art! Rude and Blyberg capture the likenesses of the characters to perfection and Steacy's colors elevate everything to 11. It's more like looking at animation cells than a comic book page. It's all just beautiful.

This was a really nice trip for me down memory lane, and a great place to start rebuilding my collection. My thanks to Ross over at for setting me on this path. I plan to go slow. Pick up maybe one book per month, or one book per payday. I'll share my new treasure with you as I get it.



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