Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hero DxD

Work continues on my latest (and I believe greatest) RPG ... a superhero genre rules lite game that uses a variation of the Five by Five die roll. I have recruited a bit of help to try to make this the finest production that I can. I am teamed up with writer Michael Curry who is contributing the game's text based on my design. 

Mike has written a couple of non-fiction books, but what's even cooler for me ... he and I played D&D together in high school!

And Darrel Miller to do my art! I had purchased clip art from Darrel on and reached out to him to make sure I was being true to his copyright. We got to chatting over email and now I have commissioned Darrel to do all original art for this project. I am including some samples below.

I have also recruited Chris Vogel who edited A+ Fantasy for me to do editing chores on the book. I am going to make sure the game design does what I want and try to pull everything together as a sort of publisher / editor in chief ... and I am really excited about what's coming.

The game system is clear and easy and dynamic. It does superheroes without falling into the traps that I think many superhero RPGs fall into. I continue to invest a huge part of myself, my time, energy and personal resources into this project and I have high hopes for the end results.

Just wanted people to know that I am still here ... and that Hero DxD is on the horizon.


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