Saturday, February 13, 2016

Should I still be here?

I haven't posted anything here for quite some time. I haven't been working on any RPG projects. I've lost focus and run out of steam. On top of everything else, it seems like "Blogger" as a forum is dying out as well. I have quite the history here. I like it here. But, I've been away for a long time.

So, today I am sitting here and considering my options. I was thinking I wanted to start writing ... start creating again. Can I do that? Is this still the right place? I do like it here. I find Google+ to be way too busy. I am not comfortable browsing there. I prefer "Blogger" in almost every way. And anything that I post here will be automatically cross-posted to Google+ to reach that potentially larger audience so maybe this is still a good place to be. (Assuming the site isn't a heartbeat away from shutting down, which is a concern.)

And then there's me. Am I up to doing this? I would venture that I might win the gold medal for turbulent life changes over the past year. I became a full-time single dad when the mother of my (now 11) year old daughter passed away. I moved to a small town in Kansas to be closer to the support of family, and I just lost the job that I had held for the past 16 years. I am lost, alone, and a bit overwhelmed. So, I've been absent. And my game design pursuits have been non-existent.

I tried passing the torch to another writer, a friend of mine whom I thought might be able to keep one of my more promising creative projects going. But, this hasn't worked out like I had hoped. And things have just stalled. I want to get things moving again. Maybe if I revive my blog, I can prime my creative spirit enough to build some momentum. That would be the hope. So, I find myself here asking the question, "Should I still be here?"

I am going to try to pick up where I left off ... maybe some of that wonderful community that supported me before is still here. If you haven't all moved on then this could work out. I still have one RPG project in development, and I believe that it's potentially my best work. But, it's only half realized. It needs a lot of work to become something great.

Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Whether I "should" be here or not ... this is still my place to create and it's time to get back to it.


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