Saturday, March 26, 2016

Above and Below

I am an RPG gamer and game designer. I love this hobby with the greatest of passion. That said, it's not always a simple matter to maintain a reasonable level of participation in this hobby. I have turned to board games to scratch that itch. Some recent board game releases have really stepped up to the plate for me in that regard. There's the newest edition of Runebound, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, and ... Above and Below.

Above and Below is nothing short of a miracle. Ryan Laukat is an inspiration. The one man driving force behind Red Raven Games, he designs, develops, writes, illustrates and publishes everything himself. He is a gaming Renaissance Man. And his games are incredible. And for me the crowning achievement of his gaming legacy is: Above and Below.

The video that I have embedded above does a wonderful job of covering the game. Video game reviewer Gregory Cornell does some amazing stuff himself in this video review, so I will let his video speak for itself, and for: Above and Below.



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