Friday, May 27, 2016

20+ Years of RPG's (Cover Gallery)

This is an updated cover gallery to celebrate the release of Hero DxD!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this update for me is the inclusion of "Free Space." I found this hard copy predecessor to Xerospace in a stack of old papers. This has never existed online before. The original was produced on an old Tandy 286 PC in Word Perfect 2.0 (I believe.) I recreated the hard copy here as closely to the original as I could. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as I do!

I have also updated the PDF of Five by Five with some added material that had previously only been available in the printed version. And, I have included as many of my old RPG projects as I could find in the interest of making this latest gallery as complete as possible. It's interesting for me to look at the different things I have worked on some good, and some not so good and to see them all together here.

Every game here is in my drop box and can be downloaded for free by clicking on the images in the gallery below.


It's just too cool that someone translated my game into French!


I hope you enjoy perusing this cover gallery as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It seems like quite the collection when thrown all together like this. I hope my next 20 years are just as lucrative.



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