Thursday, July 14, 2016

Star Map for Space Opera Games

I was looking all over the web for a good generic star map to adapt to my upcoming Machinations of the Space Princess campaign. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that I liked. My favorite thing was actually the board for the Firefly board game. The design is clean. I liked the way things were laid out, and the way the sections were broken up. The grid was designed for board game use, but I think it will work great for an RPG.

Problem is ... My campaign isn't set in the Firefly universe. What I really wanted was a copy of the game board without the writing so that I could add my own unique names for the locations. Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist. So, I took it upon myself to attempt to create something. What I ended up with isn't bad, and since I put the work in, I thought that it might be nice to share.

If you want a map to customize with your own planet names for use in your Space Opera game, maybe you will like this one.

Click the image above to get a full resolution PDF. Hopefully, someone besides me will also find it useful!



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