Friday, January 12, 2018

CLZ Comics

Over in the side bar there are some links for viewing the progress of my current comic collection.

Comics I WANT
Comics I HAVE
All 1800 Comics

I use an app on my phone called CLZ Comics to track my collection. I tried a few different apps before settling on this one and I am really happy with it.

It makes organizing my comics a snap and has details about every comic that I own or will own. I even use it to track which shelf holds what comic in my collection both for the comics that I have and those that I will have in the future.

I can have it with me on the road, so if I should walk into a comic shop to browse I'll always have the information with me. And, everything syncs to the cloud so the lists above will always be accurate. At time of this writing, I'm only 812 comics away from completing my collection, and only 12 Comics away from hitting a landmark 1000 comics. Huzzah!



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