Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Daredevil Flies Bi-Plane -- What a daredevil!

I have an app on my phone to track my comic book collection. I can look at images of the covers of comics that are in my collection, and on my wish list.

I was flipping through the covers in my wish list the other day, and the cover for Captain America #235 gave me cause to pause for a second look.

The cover depicts Cap out on the wing of an old style biplane. The wing is in flames and the plane is being shot at! Cap is obviously concerned as he moves to address the fiery blaze on the wing and bullets wiz past him.

Sure, Cap's predicament is dire, but that's not what concerned me. What caught my attention is that Daredevil is flying the plane!

Now, if you read comics, or you saw the 2003 film with Ben Affleck, or the Daredevil series on Netflix, or the 1989 TV Movie: the Trial of the Incredible Hulk ... then you know. Daredevil is blind!!

Oh, he has this kind of sonar ability that allows him to sense his immediate surroundings ... but, flying a plane??! And before you decide that I am over reacting ... look at Double D's face. He is no more happy with this predicament then I am.

I am sure that he's yelling over at Cap ... "I can't fly this plane! I'm blind!!" But, I don't think Cap is listening. This can't end well.

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