Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- Marvel-4

On my Marvel-4 shelf, I have: Defenders #48, 50-52, and 55; Doctor Strange #33, 42, 46, 48-55, and Doctor Strange Annual #1. Finally, there’s Fantastic Four #150-152, 154, 157-159, 164-201.
Defenders #52 features a smack down between the Hulk and the Submariner that’s pretty awesome. The fight ends when Hellcat arrives on the scene and gives the naughty Hulk a stern talking to. “Hulk is sorry, he hit fish man.” Great stuff!
Doctor Strange #48 marks the beginning of a run illustrated by Detective Comics’ legends Marshal Rogers and Terry Austin. It’s a truly beautiful run and a great inaugural issue.
So many great issues of the Fantastic Four. The FF has long been one of my favorite titles. FF #171 features a giant sentient golden gorilla from space, and Ben Grimm back on the team in a “Thing” suit. (This was part of a brief period where Ben got to have the best of both worlds … a favorite of mine. I wish it could have gone on longer.) The art is by George Perez and is amazing!

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