Sunday, July 07, 2024

World of Comics

I auditioned for and was cast in 2 more plays at the Center, Black Comedy, and Dark of the Moon. (I received a glowing review in the Tulsa World for my performance in Black Comedy.) Time passed, and I graduated from the commercial art program at Platt College. I was able to stay on at the school as Mike's assistant, but my hours changed to match the school day. I now worked from 7:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon … a full time job!


Getting off work at 3:30 in the afternoon was cool. Wednesday was comic book day at World of Comics, and I actually had some spare money to spend on comics. I would go in every Wednesday after work. One such Wednesday, Doug engaged me, telling me that he had heard from Doug and Carol that I was running a Champions game for them on the weekends. I told him that I was.

Doug asked if I could run a game of Champions at the store. I was eager to please and said enthusiastically that I would be happy to. I asked him when he wanted me to run the game, and he said, "Tonight." Wait, what? To run an RPG, one needs time to prepare. This was not going to happen and I told Doug that I couldn't do it.

Doug protested and said that since the game wasn't until after the store closed at 6, I had a few hours to prepare. He had a table in the back and offered to give me pencil and paper. I could just go on back and get ready for tonight's game. Also, I didn't need to worry about getting home. He would give me a ride after.

Sigh, I guess Doug wasn't going to take, "No." for an answer.

I sat down and sketched out an idea about a burglary on a yacht. I didn't know what kinds of character's my players might want to play, and I need to make sure to facilitate the Aquaman types. I shouldn't have worried about that. (Am I the only person who loves Aquaman?) 


I just needed a few supervillain types to challenge the players. I created a character named "The Dwarf" that had a prehensile beard with powers patterned after a Marvel Comics character called the Medusa. I made another character called "The Pixie" who could shrink down tiny. This one was based on the Marvel character The Wasp. (I couldn't afford to be too original. I was under a time crunch.)


Getting this little bit ready took all of the time that I had. Six o'clock rolled around, and it was show time. There were three people in attendance including Doug. (Four - if you include me.) There was Robert, Rolland, and Doug. Three players was actually perfect, and the game went over great! Everyone had a blast. I wish I could remember the characters that everyone played, but I was lucky to drudge up the characters that I created.

Honestly, those "Champions Days" are a bit of a blur.

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