Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A+ Fantasy

This was my first RPG submitted to 1km1kt. It was only the second game I had ever provided for online review... (The first was a game called Xerospace. This was around 1997 and I have since lost all copies of that game. If anyone has a copy of the Xerospace PDF file laying around on a disused harddrive I would be eternally grateful to recieve a copy.) Anyway, looking back on A+ Fantasy ... this game's not half bad.

It uses a simple d6 mechanic where the goal is to roll a d6 apply a modifier and (hopefully) get a six. This is made a little more interesting because instead of rolling just 1d6 you roll 2 ... and you apply any modifiers equally between the two dice. Each six counts as a success and while most tasks can be achieved through a single success some more difficult tasks (and many special abilities) will require success on both dice (called a critical success.)

The game has a combat and spell system all focused on weapon types that integrate nicely and the spell system doesn't feel tacked on. In reading this now I find myself wondering ... "Why aren't I playing this?" Initial character creation is a bit limiting, but the purchasing of skills and weapons techniques opens everything up nicely. Still there is a clear problem with the attributes and character advancement.

A+ Fantasy

In reviewing it now, A+'s greatest weakness is its gimmicky letter grade system (which is where it got its name) and in the limiting nature of the four basic attributes of Agility, Brawn, Cognition, and Determination. In looking at this now, I can see a way to improve this game exponentially simply by pulling those gimmicky aspects out (I'll have to change the name ... LOL) and just letting the system stand on its skills set and Weapons techniques alone.

Maybe it's time I took a close look at A+ Fantasy (or whatever I might eventually call it.) So far I have maintained a strong trend of writing a game and then upon giving birth, simply leaving the game alone to gather dust. A+ deserves another look, and a thoughtful rewrite. Maybe it's time to start a new trend.


Jeff Moore


  1. I found on my files the Xerospace: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyzzztm01hy


  2. OMG!!!! You are AWESOME!! This was the first RPG that I ever wrote. It was written and laid out with Word Perfect on a Tandy Computer. A 286 with a 20 meg HDD. I had thought I have lost it forever! Thanks so much!!


    Jeff Moore

  3. Mr. Moore,

    I really think that you should rewrite A+ Fantasy. I have run games using your system a couple of times with a few changes. Mostly more weapons and a custom equipment sheet that I wrote along with a 10 page booklet of common monsters. Your system is simple and the mechanics are smooth. I have no trouble getting newbies on board either.

    Another thing that I changes was the point system for the four attributes. I am not a big fan of the A,B,C,D format, so I simply have attributes rank from 1-11. Starting characters get to have two attributes start with a value of 4. Here is my chart:


    Numbers just make more sense.

    1. Having scoured the internet for it, I can say you'd be doing a great service in putting up your common monsters list.

  4. Yeah, the game needs a re-write. Thanks for your feedback. I think it's awesome that there are people out there who play my game and who think highly enough of it to house rule the system and make it their own.



  5. Mr. Moore,

    I too write RPGs so I felt the need to tell you good job. Like I mentioned above, I think you have a really nice core system. If you spent some time to add to it (equipment, monsters, and such)and rewrote a little of it (perhaps the attribute value system) I really think you could bring it to market. Spend a couple hundred bucks a get a freelance artist to make you some nice cover art and maybe get some more art from elfwood for the inside and I bet you could produce a nice 50+ page rules-lite system that would sell. If you are not thinking about money, then a rewrite would be it's own reward. I know i would spend 10-15 bucks at LULU.com for a nice copy of a rewritten A+ Fantasy or whatever name you decide to go with.

    Anyways, good luck and I hope succeed at whatever game you write next.