Monday, May 25, 2009

Monkeying Around ...

I have been playing around with the design or manipulation of RPG mechanics pretty much from the moment I was first introduced to the concept about 30 years ago. In recent years this tinkering has lead to a handful of compact (hopefully workable game systems) that express some of the things I like about RPG's.

This blog-space will be a place for me to look at those games that I have authored and revisit them for myself. Moving forward as a designer, I am finding looking back at these games a second time to be incredibly useful and more than a little entertaining.

Most of these games (and a few more of my works as well as the wonderful accomplishments of hundreds of other authors) can be found at Please visit the site, it is an incredible depository of free downloadable RPG resources that is nothing less than completely awesome! Also the site owner Keeton Harrington has been incredibly supportive and encouraging of all my endeavors and I really like everything he stands for. So give it a look.


Jeff Moore

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