Monday, March 19, 2012

A+ Fantasy and HiLo Heroes released to Creative Commons

So, I lost both HiLo and A+ to a HDD crash in (2006?) and I got it into my head to retype them so I would have working copies for the future. It seemed like a great idea, but it did not take into consideration my less than stellar typing abilities (My typing is LOW / Weak -1) ... and I want to be a writer ... LOL.

Well, HiLo is done. The new version is up and available at right. Note that it is almost identical to the original as my goal was to recreate that game. Some of the art is different, and a word change here or there ... but it's the exact same game. This one does include the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license ... so feel free to reproduce at your leisure and if you want a copy of the Open Office "ODT" document, drop me a line by clicking on my name in the Dreams and Dragons sub-title above and I will get one to you right away.

The art isn't Creative Commons, it's copyright Louis Porter Jr. and those licenses were all re-purchased and updated for this release. Now, after having gone to all this trouble for HiLo, I went a much lazier route with A+ Fantasy. I decided I didn't need an editable original right now and just slapped a new cover around the old document using a PDF merging application. The Creative Commons license is added with the new cover and I am ready to move on. You can also get this updated version of A+ by clicking on the image on the right.

Moving on means work on a revised "HiLo Heroes." My greatest hope in doing the reconstruction of the original document was that I might become inspired to work on a new version, and that has worked. I have many new ideas and will be putting something together in the near future.


Jeff Moore

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