Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Create this Super Hero contest!

Okay ... so I am working on reformatting "HiLo Heroes" and putting it back out here as Creative Commons. I lost all the original docs for it and for "A+ Fantasy" after a HDD crash about 6 years ago. Some great guys have been doing characters and optional rules suggestions for "HiLo Heroes" and have inspired me to pursue the game more aggressively. I plan on releasing the existing HiLo largely unchanged as Creative Commons and then working from there on some suppliments and expansions without touching the original game. Again, all done under the CC-BY-NC-SA unported license.

I am pretty excited and motivated to get this done, but there are as always distractions ... take for example: September Carrino. LOL (Hey, I am only human.) ... But, what if September Carrino isn't?! (Human, I mean.) She certainly appears bigger than life! Perhaps she is a superhero!! Look at her! The pink and gold costume! The dragonfly tattoo! She looks like a super hero to me!

So, here's the challenge:

Create a HiLo Heroes character and Hero Identity for September Carrino as pictured in her costume above.

Can you do it? As a prize, I have a print version of HiLo Heroes that I got from MagCloud and I will mail it out to the best entry!! Oh, and if you don't have a copy of HiLo yet click on the cover image to the right, these links go to my public Drop Box folder; no need to mess with Scribd anymore.

Good Luck!


Jeff Moore
(mesmerized by huge tracks of superheroic land)

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  1. Challenge accepted good sir, I want to be the proud owner of a print version of HiLo Heroes!


    Time to think...