Thursday, July 19, 2012

Character Advancement in The Supercrew

The referee will tell you when you are able to take an Advance for your character. Your character won't get to take an advance after every game session, only every few sessions, usually after something epic happens.

When you take an Advance in Supercrew, you can choose to do one of the following:

"More frequent Tricks"

Choose one trick. You may use this trick one additional time each game session. No trick may be used more than 3 times a session at maximum. If you can already use a trick 3 times per session you cannot advance that trick any further.

"Tougher Heroes"

You can improve your hero's Toughness by +1 (to a maximum of 5.)

"Add a Power"

You can add a new RANK 1 power, but you can only have 2 powers of any given RANK at a time, so if you already have 2 RANK 1 powers you can't add another. Instead you will have to improve a power.

"Improve a Power"

You can increase a power by +1 RANK. You can only do this if there are two powers of the current RANK available before the advance. Also, if there are already two powers of the higher RANK you can't take the advance until you improve that power.


The three basic power RANKS in Supercrew are RANKS: 1, 2, and 3.

These RANKS must always have at least 1 power assigned to them.

No RANK can have more than 2 powers assigned to it at any given time.

If improving a power will break one of these rules, you can't improve that power.


If you have two RANK 3 powers, you can improve one of your RANK 3 powers to RANK 4, but you can only ever do this once. You can never have more than one RANK 4 power. To use your RANK 4 power you must spend 2 Hero Points!

REMEMBER: if you are using the Alternate Identities for The Supercrew option, you can take an advance for your Hero or for their Alternate. This should provide players of an extended The Supercrew campaign plenty of room to grow!


Jeff Moore

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