Friday, July 27, 2012

LITKO Game Accessories

I wanted to write a quick review for LITKO Game Accessories who make some really nice laser cut wooden game tiles. The tiles lock together like puzzle pieces and remind me of playing "Advanced Hero Quest" way back in the 90's.

The product is called "space corridor" and so appears to be made for playing a "Space Hulk" style game (another blast from the 90's.) But I find the tiles equally suited to the dungeon crawl. The pieces are thin but sturdy, they come pre-scored in 28mm squares which works fine for most fantasy RPG gaming. But be careful not to buy the 15mm ones which are too small for table-top RPG minis. (The Master Set description and box lid say 35mm even though the link says 28. I'm not sure which is correct, but they're a good size for most standard RPG miniatures.)

You can go to and find "Terrain & Buildings" in the left hand column near the bottom, then choose "Space Corridor" and "28mm Scale Space Corridor," or you can click on the link HERE.

I bought "Tokens & Markers / Medium Door Markers" to go with the tiles I purchased as I liked these better for fantasy dungeons than the bulkhead style doors listed with the space corridor set. The tiles are unfinished wood and examples of painted pieces prove the components can be decorated really beautifully if you are artistically inclined.

These are the doors I bought because they were more "dungeoney!"

Example of painted tiles. This is the space corridor Master Set. (Tiles come unpainted.)

More painted tiles ... These tiles are from the space corridor Expansion Set.

The pictures above are from the website and show the tiles painted for space gaming. The image all the way at the top is mine and is from this weeks gaming session. It depicts the entire sample dungeon from page 130 of the Labyrinth Lord rule book. I think it worked out quite nicely.

I should mention that I didn't buy the Master Set but rather picked up my collection piecemeal ... The picture at the top of my review shows the tiles in my personal collection. (I used all but 2!)

The little puzzle nubbins that stick out may appear delicate, but they are really quite sturdy. We've been playing with the tiles since January and none of them have broken, and I don't expect them to. The pieces are of really high quality and well worth their price.

Tiles can be purchased individually or there is a very nice set which will get you a lot of tiles at a reasonable price.

One last picture, the battle with the Albino Ape in room 5. (Sorry about the blurry ... this one was taken with my iPad.)

Check out LITKO Game Accessories. You'll be glad you did!


Jeff Moore

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