Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blade Raiders Now Available!

Woo Hoo!

I just ordered mine and free shipping and PDF is available for a limited time so get yours today!




  1. I learned about Blade Raiders from you, so it's your fault I can't stop reading it!

    I got the PDF/Book combo and have been reading it voraciously. I love the unlockable skill system and I find the overall simplicity of the game enlightening. I have one small complaint, however. In the combat system, the defender has no effect on the attack. It's just as easy to hit a Drake as a drunken fool. I wish he had put in some kind of defense roll. Maybe this: "Make a CAST roll. If you exceed the attacker's CAST roll, you are not hit." Or maybe you take half-damage or something. At least it's easy to house rule if I want.

    I love the layout. In particular I like the Magic powers section. You can just print one page and hand your player their respective Talent-based powers. Very convenient.

    I can't wait for the author to start cranking our sourcebooks. This game just begs to be expanded.

  2. I didn't have a problem with the combat mechanic not involving the defender actively. It's faster and cleaner. And actually there are some rules regarding size modifiers to your attack rolls. A Drake is actually easier to hit than a Drunken Fool because he's so big. But the Drunken Fool is less likely to effectively hit you back and will probably drop after one hit, where the Drake will not only give you a good smack in return, he's also going to have a whole lot more Resistance Points by virtue of his massive size and natural armor. It's all in how you look at it I suppose! I am super excited to hear that you picked up the game after reading about it here. That's awesome! Let me know if you get a chance to play.


  3. I've warmed up to the non-active defender thing. GM fiat can play a part in this anyway. It would be reasonable to assume if a heavily armored warrior were facing off in melee combat with a nimble, unarmored thief-type, the GM may assign a penalty to the warrior's attack and perhaps a bonus to the thief for their difference in mobility.

    I've read Blade Raiders from cover to cover, and I am impressed. It's definitely old-school in feel. The GM has all the control and rules-lawyers and gearheads won't find much to love, but those people aren't welcome to my game table anyway!

    This will be a game line I will follow, especially if future supplements follow Blade Raiders' price point.