Saturday, March 09, 2013

Five by Five 2.5 (Kindle Version)

My thanks to Chris Nason aka Zimzerveran for providing me with a copy of my Five by Five Kindle version (PDF with large type single column for reading on my Kindle) ... I had lost the version to an HDD crash a while back and the place it was hosted (PDF Archive??) didn't seem to have it anymore.

I just wrote this version of the game off. Chris recently sent me a copy and looking at it, I realize it's actually pretty good. It's clean and easy to read and it's all there. It's also the version that the character sheet I created was meant to be used with.

So, in the interest of completeness, I have put up links to the 2.5 version of Five-by-Five and the character sheet. It changes a few of the mechanics. The Doubles = Experience for one. And it uses the term "trump" instead of making a '6' equal '0' ... I had forgotten about these conventions. It's not bad. I am back to the original mechanic for both of these options on the version of the game I am working on now, but it was really interesting to me to look back at these alternative ideas.

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Jeff Moore

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