Friday, April 05, 2013

Five by Five Revision Notes

I have been working on an updated version of Five by Five. I have enough basic notes on the changes that the game is playable and I will begin play-testing next week. I thought there might be an interest in seeing what has been changed so I have made the play-test document available.

The notes include the changes to the Five By Five dice mechanic and a new Weapon/Armor/Damage mechanic that replaces the older one that quiet honestly was a blatant steal from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I also updated the Doubles Advancement mechanic to recognize different styles of play and I believe that it will be a big improvement.

I am really trying to make everything work with a 5x5 roll. I think I am getting there. All player characters have 5 wound levels ... you can be a tougher hero if you want by buying up a recovery trait. Non player characters and monsters will be different. For example peons that go down with 1 hit might have just unharmed and incapacitated as their wound levels. Or another weak monster might have unharmed, bruised, and incapacitated so that you would have to roll your critical damage in order to one-shot them. Other tougher monsters will have a lot more wound levels than the players to represent more epic battles. I have this stuff in my head and will eventually add a Bestiary to the rules to show how that all works. Right now, it's bare bones ... just 5 pages ... but I think it has all you need for now.

In making changes my design goal is to streamline and clean up and make everything use the 5x5 roll. I had also been playing around with introducing a fixed set of ability scores. I have abandoned that idea opting for the original trait only design.

I would love to hear any feed back that you may have, especially now in the development stages.



Jeff Moore

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