Friday, April 26, 2013

More Five by Five

I am happy with the current state of the Five by Five playtest document. Chris is going over my copy with a fine toothed comb to look for grammar and spelling errors and to suggest clarifications where needed.

The work is compact in 32 pages and I don't plan to mess with that. But, it's about time that I add "more" to the game, and I have some specific ideas about that.

I want to write some sample adventures that I can format as separate documents to act as companions for Five by Five. I would like to do a "fantasy" adventure in the sword and sorcery vein, a "sci-fi" adventure in the space opera vein, a "monster hunter" adventure in a contemporary horror vein and a "super hero" adventure in the silver age of comics vein.

I already have some ideas about small rules additions / changes for the fantasy and superhero games that will serve those genres without impacting the basics of Five by Five and should serve to show the expandability of the system. The adventures will include example characters and maybe some "suggested character traits" to round them out.

I plan to confine each sample adventure to as concise a package as possible. There are plenty of games out there that already cater to these genre's specifically. Five by Five's strengths are simplicity and concise presentation. I need to remember that and not work against it.

These are my plans going forward. If you haven't looked over the Five by Five playtest document recently, give it a quick read through. Feed back is welcome.


Jeff Moore

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