Friday, May 03, 2013

Playtest Progress

Five by Five development is going strong. The latest revision sees the document at 40 pages and I have added a new combat option, a new wound status, some guidelines for magic and a sample adventure designed for a fantasy setting.

The core continues to prove to be solid. My last play test ended in a pre-boss-fight cliff hanger so I am excited to see how the rules hold up to a more intense combat than we've tested before.

If you haven't looked at the document in several weeks, give it another download. There has been a bit of reorganization since I first wrote about the play test document and I'm really happy with the way things are going.



  1. Nice work on 5x5, Jeff. I really, really love the magic token idea. I'm printing out the doc as I type this for further review and scrutiny later, but what I've skimmed so far looks great. I'll post some feedback when I get a bit of time to read it over in greater detail.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I am going to be fine tuning the magic token thing a bit and actually dumping Magic Resistance. Hope you still like things as well after those changes. The reason is to maintain a clear distinction in power from a character with a low magic trait rank and another character with a higher trait rank. My changes will do that. Hope to have those up soon.

  3. And Wah-Lah! Updated with changes based on feedback from my editor and kid brother, Chris.

  4. I just emailed you via the link above with some feedback. I'll have to download the newest version now and take a look at that!