Friday, August 02, 2013

Original D&D Premium Set

I hadn't seen news of this making the rounds ... maybe I've been sleeping ... but it looks really awesome!

I think it's fantastic that the popularity of the OSR has made WOC realize the value in making products like this one available. I am not sure that I will get it ... it would ultimately just be a display piece ... but it sure looks gorgeous.




  1. This was on Amazon (in the UK) for ages, so I pre-ordered it (as a Christmas present to self) and then a couple of months ago it got pulled and has shown no signs of returning :(

  2. WOC shows a release date of, November 19, 2013 ... So, maybe you will get another shot at it for this Christmas?

    1. Can't remember how, but when the only game was the original 3 books and Grayhawk, someone gave my friends and I photocopies of them. Having photocopies of pretty much anything was rare at the time. They sure did get worn to shreds!