Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Peter Capaldi - The Doctor I've been hoping for?

So this news has been reported to death, but I wanted to blog about it anyway. Peter Capaldi was announced this weekend as the newest Doctor for Doctor Who. I'm afraid that I am not very familiar with Peter's body of work. I remember him from Fires of Pompeii and as Sid's dad in Skins. Despite my lack of exposure to the actor, I am pretty excited about the choice.

I had blogged previously about my hopes that the next Doctor might be played by an older actor. I believe that Peter fits that bill. He seems old enough to pull off the "older actor" requirement that I was hoping for, but young enough to keep up with the physical demands of the role.

I haven't gone back to watch Pompeii or Skins, but I don't remember the plot of Pompeii giving the actor a whole lot to work with. I do remember the character in Skins a bit better. A troubled man, struggling with his responsibilities as a father and ultimately not up to that challenge. The actor brought an incredible sense of vulnerability to that role. I hope that's part of the reason he was cast. I like the idea of a Doctor who is more vulnerable. I see a sort of Patrick Troughton like timidness.

This casting could do everything for Doctor Who that I was hoping for in my previous post, and I find myself looking to the future of what was for the majority of my youth my favorite TV show with "guarded optimism."


Jeff Moore

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  1. Since I have been living in seclusion the past three weeks I have not heard that a new Doctor was chosen. I am also pleased that they have chosen an older man and Peter Capaldi looks to be a very distinguished gentleman. I am looking forward to seeing how he does.
    Side Note: I IMDBed Peter Capaldi and found that he was the lead singer of a punk rock band... the same band that Craig Ferguson (my favorite Late Night talk show host) was the drummer for. I'm amused.