Friday, April 04, 2014

Little Dungeon Kickstarter

I have a nine year old daughter named Kaylee (after Firefly). I am always on the look-out for dad-geek appropriate games that I can share with her. This Kickstarter for the Dungeon Crawl card game called "Little Dungeon - Turtle Rock" caught my attention and so I wanted to bring it to yours.

I begin now to grasp the brilliance of Kickstarter. If I want something to make its funding goal, I not only need to support it myself, but spread the word to others so that they might also contribute and ensure the project's success. Customers become advertisers in the most effective and direct fashion. Kickstarter is really kinda brilliant.

Anyway, this is a kid-friendly family card game. It looks pretty easy to play with quite a bit of randomness to it. I wouldn't expect a play experience from this any greater than you might get from say ... Uno. But, it's a Dungeon themed card game that you can play with your kids that has wonderful cartoony monster and treasure cards and with a price point that's affordable. $15 bucks gets you the card game. I spend more than that taking Kaylee out for ice-cream.

It looks like fun! It looks easy to play and easy to teach. Don't take my word for it. Check the Kickstarter out for yourself!



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