Friday, April 04, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Hardcover Kickstarter

I have been going a bit nuts lately trying to round out my personal RPG Library. I bought a lot of classic RPG volumes through the 80's that I simply don't have anymore. When I think about the pristine copies of the core AD&D 1e books that were somehow lost through one of my many moves as a youth, or the many game books that mysteriously disappeared when I separated from my wife, I get a little queezy.

I have been trying to reacquire some of these lost tomes, because I really do love them. I love reading them just for the sake of reading them. In recent years I have bought 1e AD&D books: The Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, The Monster Manual, Deities and Demigods, and the Fiend Folio. Only the Fiend Folio comes close to the fine condition of my original copies, and I actually had to buy the Monster Manual twice because the first copy I bought contained multiple ripped pages. But, I persevere and have managed to replace these books as well as the Marvel Superhero Game (FASERIP Basic Boxed Set), Champions 3rd Edition, The D&D Rules Cyclopedia (my most costly replacement) and others.

Then there's this discovery on Kickstarter.

I never played Metamorphosis Alpha in my youth. I never owned a copy. Gamma World 1e was my first non-D&D RPG. But, this classic piece of RPG history is being given a royal treatment that cannot be overlooked for someone who cherishes the golden age of RPG's like I do.

Metamorphosis Alpha was the first Science Fiction RPG, and is the progenitor of Gamma World. It was 32 pages printed by TSR in 1976. This glorious oversized volume will reprint the original book but with bigger pages (meaning bigger text that my tired old eyes might actually be able to read.) It contains a collection of articles from Dragon and other magazines of the time, some errata and new material all true to and compatible with the original game.

As a fan of Gamma World, this book is a must have. Goodman Games is even releasing new original adventure modules for this classic system in the hopes that people won't only buy this book to put on their gaming shelf, but might also actually play this game at their gaming table.

I am not sure I will ever bring this to my table, but ... I am funding this, and I will cherish it. This looks to be something really special.



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