Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Rallyman GT -- Awesome Car Racing Board Game!

This weekend, my wife Julie and I played: Rallyman GT. I have been on the look out for a good race car game. My favorite has been Down Force, but DF really needs 5 to 6 players in order to play well. Another very popular game is called, "Formula D." But, I really don't like the player elimination in that one.

Enter: Rallyman GT. It's strategic, yet easy to learn and play. It plays well at lower player counts and has no player elimination. (Although, losing control of your car can cost you the race -- It did me!)

And unlike either of the two other racing games, Rallyman has a modular board allowing us to build our own race track each time that we play!!

I had taken the lead. (I'm the green car.) But I got cocky and lost control of my car!!

Julie's dice are all laid out here taking her across the finish line to victory. I've managed to recover control of my car and am right behind her, but she claims the victory!!

Rallyman GT scores high marks with me and is the racing car game that I've been looking for!!!



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