Friday, July 03, 2020

Superman 2020!

I have been looking through my comic collection a bit lately. I came across a back-up feature in the December 1980 issue of Superman that I had forgotten about called: The Superman of 2020.

I had fun reading the story and seeing what the authors 40 years ago thought that our life might be like. Of course they predicted flying cars. They always predict flying cars. (We are never getting those.) I was more amused by the usage of "future slang."

When you are done video chatting with someone you are supposed to say, "I'm phasing off." instead of goodbye.

And if someone is telling the truth, you say, "Their pulsations are steady." Honest! I wouldn't wobble my pulsations about something this important!

Unfortunately, the writers did get one thing right. Racial inequality and intolerance is still a major problem in their 2020 as in ours. It really makes me sad that when imagining the future we can envision flying cars but not better human beings.



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