Sunday, March 28, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- DC-9

On my DC-9 shelf, I have Warlord #33-50, Warlord Annual #1, Wonder Woman #249-256, and 259, and World’s Finest Comics #247-251, 253-255, 262, 264, 266, and 270.
Warlord #50 brings to an end the villainous Deimos and my run of the title. Warlord Annual #1 has Morgan rescuing a kidnapped Princess with the assistance of the minstrel who loves her. It’s a comical romp, that feels more like traditional high fantasy than much of the series, and it’s a lot of fun!
In Wonder Woman 254, Diana is being tested by the gods and must battle the villainy of Angle Man. Angle Man is such a fun and bizarre character that I had to chose this issue.
World’s Finest Comics is an anthology title, and I almost chose issue #250 which combines the various features under one writer and artist to tell an epic length mega-story. That issue is amazing, but I like the anthology structure of the title, and perhaps the best of these in my collection is the previous issue #249. Every issue of World’s Finest Comics has shining moments, but every story in #249 approaches perfection.
World’s Finest Comics #249 has Batman and the Phantom Stranger dealing with a Superman Vampire. “Vampire of Steel” is drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger, whose art makes the characters look like they are straight out of the Super Friends. It’s a style that I didn’t like as a kid, but I love it now! Ollie runs around dressed as the caped crusader after a villain cleverly deduces that Oliver Queen is Batman! “Will The Costume Make The Hero?” is beautifully illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden. The Creeper begins a run with this issue. “Moon Lady And The Monster” is written and drawn by Steve Ditko. I love Ditko’s Creeper! The Creeper is Ditko’s best character after Spider-Man. The final story of the issue is, “A Fire In The Sky!” It teams Wonder Woman up with Sgt. Rock and is illustrated by Mike Vosburg. Vosburg draws amazing looking powerful ladies, as evidenced by his incredible run on She-Hulk, and his Wonder Woman is stunning. (Oh! Let’s not forget the Jim Aparo cover!)
That's it for the DC Comics in my collection. 677 issues in all, with another 323 on my wishlist!

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