Monday, March 29, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- Marvel-9

On my Marvel-9 shelf, I have Thor #229, 234, 238, 240, 245 and 262, Uncanny X-Men #111, 119 and 143, and X-Men Annuals #3-5.
Thor #234 has art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnot. Loki has captured Thor and it’s Firelord to the rescue! In the end Thor and Loki go toe-to-toe in single combat. Thor denied access to his hammer must defeat his brother in 60 seconds or he will revert to the human form of Dr. Donald Blake! Exciting stuff!
In X-Men #111 the Beast comes in search of his former teammates to find the group entranced and working as sideshow freaks in a circus, but who could be the mastermind behind it all? This is the first issue of the X-Men drawn by John Byrne, and the beginning of one of the most lauded creative runs in comic book history. Sadly, it also means that these are some of the most expensive comics in my collection to replace. Right now I only have the three X-Men issues.
X-Men Annual #3 features a character named Arkon, who comes looking for Thor, but ends up enlisting the help of another god of thunder in the form of Storm (along with the rest of the X-Men!) The story is epic and features some of the finest George Perez artwork to ever grace a comic page.
That’s it for the Marvel Comics in my collection. Only 351 of these, with a full 649 issues yet to go!

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