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Recovery Items (Royalty Economy)

As you adventure, you will inevitably replace some items of equipment with new and better Royalties. As this occurs, you can trade the equipment that you no longer need for recovery items. The Recovery Items table below tells you which item or items you gain each time you exchange an unwanted Royalty.

Recovery Items

Perform a Royalties $ Action and consult the table below for each item you exchange:

$ Effort Recovery Item(s)
  2-10   a Salve
 11-19   a Salve or a Potion (choose one)
 20-29   a Salve and a Potion (one of each)
 30-39   an Elixir
    40+  Book of Life

Using Recovery Items

Use a Recovery Item in place of a Countering or Attacking Action. Salves, Potions and the Book of Life are one use items and are consumed when used. Elixirs have two doses and can be used twice before being consumed.


If you have fewer than 3 face up cards in your tableau, flip any one face down card so that it is face up. If this card was exhausted, rotate it 90 degrees. (Face up cards are never exhausted.)


Choose one exhausted face down card and rotate it 90 degrees. This card is no longer exhausted.


Elixirs are special in that they can mimic the effects of either a Salve or a Potion. You choose which effect you want when you use the Elixir.

Book of Life

The Book of Life protects your character from death. When you lose an encounter that indicates your character has died, instead lose Book of Life and return to the Inn. You may only possess one Book of Life at a time. If your Recovery $ Action result indicates the Book of Life, and you already have one, gain an Elixir instead.

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