Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Game Design Part 10 - Zodiac Signs as Dramatic Archetypes

My next step is to match the zodiac signs to dramatic character archetypes. This will become the equivalent of a character class. Defining these ideas now will make it easier to create character powers/options/abilities later.

Zodiac Signs as Dramatic Archetypes

Aries: The Hero

Description: The protagonist who rises to meet a challenge.
Keywords: Brave, Bold, Passionate

Taurus: The Everyman

Description: A relatable character, recognizable from daily life.
Keywords: Dependable, Honest, Vigilant

Gemini: The Jester

Description: Comedian or trickster who speaks important truth.
Keywords: Adaptable, Cheerful, Enthusiastic

Cancer: The Caregiver

Description: They support and make sacrifices for others.
Keywords: Loyal, Caring, Protective

Leo: The Ruler

Description: They have legal or emotional power over others.
Keywords: Confident, Determined, Leader

Virgo: The Sage

Description: A wise figure with knowledge to share; a mentor.
Keywords: Attentive, Helpful, Patient

Libra: The Lover

Description: A romantic who’s guided by their heart.
Keywords: Fair, Idealistic, Social

Scorpio: The Magician

Description: Awesome figure harnessing inexplicable powers.
Keywords: Driven, Intense, Focused

Sagittarius: The Explorer

Description: A character driven to push past boundaries.
Keywords: Independent, Optimistic, Adventurous

Capricorn: The Creator

Description: A motivated visionary who creates or structures.
Keywords: Practical, Ambitious, Planner

Aquarius: The Outlaw

Description: The rebel who won’t abide by society’s demands.
Keywords: Innovative, Intelligent, Original

Pisces: The Innocent

Description: A morally pure character, of only good intent.
Keywords: Creative, Intuitive, Generous

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