Sunday, June 23, 2024


Between school during the day and rehearsal in the evening, finding a job that suited was going to be a problem. I did however get a place to live. Rent at the Villa was based on income. At the time I signed the 1 year lease I had an income of $0. My rent including utilities was $33 a month. 

All I needed was a way to work a few hours a day, and I could make that. The work placement folks at the Center found me what I needed. It was a telemarketing job for a sort of telephone based yellow pages. (If you don't know what that is, ask your parents, or maybe your grandparents.) 

People would call and ask for the number of a good florist, or plumber, or whatever they were looking for, and we would provide the number of either whatever listing was in the yellow pages, or if the service in question had an advertiser paying us, we gave that number instead. 

When we would give out a number of someone who didn't advertise with us, we would call them and let them know that we would be sure to send all future referrals to them if they advertised with us. That was the job. 

I sucked at it. 

Another employee there was a man named Russell Scott. I mention Russell because his name will come up again later. Russ trained me for a week, and I worked independently for a week. 

Then, I was fired. 

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