Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The Great Wind of '24

A thunder storm downed several trees with its 80 mile  per hour winds. We lost power around 5AM Tuesday morning and it's still out. We use water supplied by a well and have an electric well pump. So, no electricity also means no water. We stayed in a hotel in the Grand Rapids area last night. (It's the closest we could find.)


Feeling pretty lucky to even make it to the hotel. A large tree fell across our driveway blocking our access to the street. We were pretty much trapped yesterday morning and afternoon. Thankfully, we found a tree service who was able to come by and clear our drive. They did a great job and will come back later to finish up. We have 3 fallen or damaged trees that need to be removed. They are handling emergencies first of course. 


We are fine, and thankfully no damage to the house and just a smallish dent in the car. Something like 30,000 people without power in the same boat as us or worse. So, we are in good spirits. Writing this from the hotel room this morning. Estimate for restoring power is sometime later in the afternoon. We have our fingers crossed.


Update: We stayed three nights in a hotel in Grand Rapids. Power was restored on Friday morning.


  1. Good luck sir!

  2. Thanks! All is good, but many tree branches and a few trees that need to be cleared. $$$