Thursday, January 14, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- DC-2

On the DC-2 shelf, I have Batman #291-335, Batman Annual #8, Batman Family #17-20, Black Lightning #1-11, Brave & Bold #139-173, 180, 181, 183-187. 

I’m picking Batman #295 as my favorite from among the issues in my Batman run. It is a story by Gerry Conway with art by Michael Golden. It’s a one-shot story and a straight up murder mystery. It’s been one of my favorite stories for a long time. So, it had to be my choice here.

I only have 4 issues of Batman Family. These were the only issues published in the Dollar Comics format. When DC was forced to cancel a bunch of titles by its parent company Warner Brothers, the only titles that were really safe were the Dollar Comics. They didn’t necessarily outsell other titles, but they did well enough, and the profit margin per sale was three times that of other titles. 

The problem was Batman had yet to live down the image created for him by the 1966 TV Series. Batman wasn’t a strong seller, and Warner wanted DC to cancel Detective Comics. Detective Comics is DC’s first published comic, with a cover date of March 1937. (Action Comics #1 has a cover date of June 1938.) Detective Comics is where DC gets its name.

To avoid canceling Detective Comics, it was changed to the Dollar Comic format and rebilled to feature the Batman Family. And the Batman Family title was canceled in its place. So, only 4 issues with the official title of Batman Family exist in my collection, but the title continued without missing a beat in the pages of Detective Comics, and DC’s namesake was saved from the ax.

My favorite Batman Family issue is #17. It features a guest visit from the Huntress (During this period in the comics the Huntress is a superhero from Earth-Two, and the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Yay!) The Huntress’ visit carries through all the stories in the book and ties them together nicely. It’s an awesome issue!

I have the entire run of Black Lightning, only 11 issues. Issue #5 features Black Lightning with Superman, but I am choosing issue #4 as my favorite. It features Black Lightning and Jimmy Olsen. I’d like to think that if the series had lasted, that Jimmy would have made more appearances. It’s a really fun issue.

Brave and Bold #149 features Batman with the Teen Titans: Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Kid Flash. It’s the last time that this particular foursome will be teamed together. The only character missing is Aqualad. After this we’ll get the New Teen Titans, but I really liked this group better. So, I’m picking Brave and Bold #149 as my favorite.

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