Sunday, January 17, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- Marvel-2

On my Marvel-2 Shelf, I have Avengers #160-180, Giant Size Avengers #2-4, Avengers Annual #6-9, and Captain America #200-230.

The favorites from this batch are pretty easy. Avengers #160 featuring Wonder Man has long been a favorite, and the George Perez artwork is stunning.

Giant-Size Avengers #4 features the wedding of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Given that my dear wife Julie and I were married two years ago today, featuring a wedding issue is a must!

Avengers Annual #7 is the first half of the conclusion to Jim Starlin’s excellent Thanos epic. This comic was a major influence on the MCU Avengers movies, and an obvious choice for favorite.

Picking a favorite among the Captain America options was a little trickier. It had to be a Jack Kirby issue! They’re all good, but after flipping through the lot, looking at Kirby’s incredible bigger than life illustrations, I’ve chosen #210. Just ‘cuz, I like the pictures in it the best!

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