Friday, January 08, 2021

Comics on the Shelf -- Marvel-1

On my Marvel-1 Shelf there’s Amazing Spider-Man, Astonishing Tales, and a few issues of the Avengers!

I have Amazing Spider-Man #165-181 and Annuals #13-15. These are all fantastic issues! I have a tough time picking a favorite. All of the main issues feature Ross Andru, who is an amazing illustrator. The annuals are all three fantastic, one featuring John Byrne, and the other two drawn by Frank Miller. How can I choose? I’ll start by picking an issue from the regular series run. I’m going with #166. It features the Lizard (a character that I really like,) and it’s a Christmas story, which is great!

As for the Spider-Man Annuals: each is amazing! #13 has Spider-Man infiltrate Doctor Octopus’s gang and is drawn by John Byrne. #14 has guest appearances by Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom, and is drawn by Frank Miller and inked by Tom Palmer, and #15 sees Dr. Octopus’s return (Spider-Man comics sure have a lot of Doctors!) as well as an appearance by the Punisher!  It’s drawn by Miller and inked by Klaus Janson, the Daredevil dream team! I can’t choose between them, so I’m showing off all three.

Astonishing Tales features: Deathlok the Destroyer! (At least the issues in my collection do!) I have #25-27 and #33-36. These are all amazingly written and drawn by Rich Buckler. I am choosing to feature #25 because it’s the “first issue” origin story.

Last on the Marvel-1 shelf we have a few issues of the Avengers. There’s #127, 128, & 145. Of these, I gotta go with #127! It’s part one of a crossover with both the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans that leads directly into Fantastic Four #150!

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