Sunday, April 02, 2023

Fight A Giant Spider

A Giant Spider And Some Plucky Goblins by Johan Egerkrans

Upon returning to the inn you are met with the sounds of a violent commotion. You rush inside to discover the innkeeper on the ground amidst a shambles of broken tables and bar stools. A gigantic spider, larger than a horse, looms over him. You gasp, stunned dumbfounded by the horrific sight.

"It came up from the cellar!" The innkeeper yells out at you while he struggles to avoid the terrible creature's attack. These words snap you quickly back to reality and you leap forward to battle the monstrous arachnid. "What's the deal with that blasted cellar?!"


Afflictions are special negative effects that monsters can inflict during combat. There are eight afflictions, two for each action/trump suit. Each paired set of two afflictions is functionally the same, but describes a different narrative cause.

When burdened by an affliction, you do not get the trump benefit for the trump suit/action targeted by the affliction. For example, if you are suffering from the affliction: Heat or Exhaustion and you attack an enemy in melee using the Hitting action, you do not get the benefit of playing trump, even when you play hearts. 

The exact rules for applying an affliction will be listed in the monster's Mojo.

  Suit         Action        Affliction
 [H]earts     [H]itting     [H]eat or Exhaustion 
 [S]pades     [S]hooting    [S]hock or Blindness
 [D]iamonds   [D]efending   [D]isorientation or Poison 
 [C]lubs      [C]rossing    [C]old or Paralysis

The giant spider entangles its enemies in webbing which hampers their ability to move. This is a paralysis effect. That's the Affliction, "Cold or Paralysis" and affects the Clubs trump suit and the Crossing action. Hint: Clubs, Crossing and Cold all start with the letter "C".

Giant Spider (x1) 

Me 9, Mi 15, Mo: giant spider uses webs to restrain enemies -- If the card used for the [Move Monsters] phase has a value of 8, 9 or 10, you suffer the Paralysis Affliction during the [Crossing] phase.

Fight the giant spider. 

Reference "The Basics of Combat" and "Fight Some Skeletons" if you need a reminder on how to play out the combat. If you fail to defeat the giant spider, reset the battle and try again.

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