Sunday, April 30, 2023

Magic Boots

Deadly Banded Greaves of Skill

Let's Create A Magic Item!

I draw up a new tableau of 3 cards.

I draw the 4♦, the 5♠, and the Q♠.

The first thing to do is create the base item by determining on which Branch the Item Equips.

I want to save the Queen for a Royalty Action later. So, I look at the other 2 cards.

The 4♦ will direct us to the [OH] Off Hand Table. This is most likely a shield. Good for Defending.

The 5♠ points to the [FT] Feet Table. That's shoes and boots. Good for Crossing.

I know that my character isn't actually running around barefoot, but I like the idea of footwear.

I play the 5♠ and draw the 6♣.

I now go to reference the [FT] Feet Table.

Any Royalty Action that I perform on this table must include my Royalty Bonus which is currently +3.

The 4 and the 6 will give me a 7 and 9 respectively. On the table, that's "shoes" and a +2 to Crossing.

The Queen is a Royalty card. If I play it, I will get a trump bonus. 

I always think it's better to play trump when you can. 

I play the Q♠ & flip the top card from the deck to add to it.

I get a 9♥. The Queen is worth 5. 

Adding the Queen, the 9, and my Royalty Bonus, I have a total Royalty effort of 17.

On the table a "17" is: 

Banded Greaves [FT] +2♦, +1♣

Guess I'm getting a big boost to Defending after all!

I draw a new card to add into my tableau. It's the 2♣.

Now, The Magic Happens!

Normally, the next step would be to flip a card from the top of the deck to randomly determine if this item is magic, but based on the tutorial text, I already know that this item is magic and I can skip the "Detect Magic" step.

The next step is a random flip to determine if my magic boots have a magical prefix, a magical suffix, or both!

According to the rules for Creating Magic Items, I must flip a card. If the card is a Royalty then the Magic Item has both a magical prefix and a magical suffix. Otherwise, if the card is red it has a magical prefix; if the card is black it has a magical suffix.

I flip a J♣.

It's a Royalty card!! My boots have both a magical prefix and a magical suffix!

Magical Prefix

First, I will determine the Magical Prefix.

I perform an Absolute @ Action on the Magical Prefixes table.

I have a 4♦, a 6♣, and a 2♣ in my tableau. None of these are Royalty, so no trumps.

The 4♦ points to table [PID] Prefix Improves Defending.

The 2♣ and 6♣ both point to table [PBD] Prefix Bonus Damage.

Both options are good. Compounding my Defense early may allow me to avoid most damage from attacks, but I am already gaining a defense boost from the greaves, so bonus damage could be the way to go. 

I decide to go play my lowest card.

I play the 2♣ and draw the 3♦ for my tableau.

Now it's time to turn to the [PBD] Prefix Bonus Damage table.

The highest card in my tableau is a 6. That will give me a 9 total with my +3 Royalty bonus. 

I also have a 3 and 4 of diamonds, which when I return after this to the Magical Suffix table are most likely going to give me an identical result. If I play the 4 now, that would give me a 7 and the same result on the [PBD] table, and hopefully open me up to more choices later.

I play the 4 for a total of 7. I get the prefix: Deadly!

I draw the 10♥ to bring my tableau back up to 3 cards.

Now to find the suffix!

Magical Suffix

Now I have three different choices on the Magical Suffix table:

6♣  [SIS] Suffix Improves Shooting

3♦  [SID] Suffix Improves Defending

10♥  [SIR] Suffix Improves Royalty

I am using a melee weapon right now, but if I did want to pursue becoming an archer later, having boots that improve both shooting and provide bonus damage could be really useful.

Once again, the greaves already provide a boost to Defending. Option 2 would compound that.

Finally, improving Royalty will allow me to find better equipment in the future which is also very tempting, but in this case it means playing my highest card. Besides, each magical property automatically increases an item's Royalty value by +1, so these boots are +3 Royalty already.

I am going with the "Shooting" option. I will benefit from the bonus damage now and can be on the lookout for a ranged weapon in the future. I like this option because it gives me a direction and something to strive toward.

I play the 6♣ and draw a 3♥.

Following the 6♣, I consult the table: [SIS] Suffix Improves Shooting.

I play my highest card the 10♥ getting a 13 for the table.

My suffix is:  ... of Skill.

My magic item is:

Deadly Banded Greaves of Skill [FT] +2♠, +2♦, +1♣, B1D, B$D

These are AWESOME!!

I add these to my character sheet and make notes regarding their Bonus Damage effects.

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