Monday, April 29, 2024

Board Game Top 100 (2024) Part 9 (80-79)

#80 Quadropolis 

Quadropolis is a city building game where players place tiles that represent different sections of a growing metropolis. Players place residential areas, shopping areas, power plants, parks, harbors and utilities. Scoring is based on how your areas are placed in your town.

Power plants provide power and residences provide population. Every tile has to have power and a resident in order to be active and be scored. Excess population represents overcrowding and counts against you. Excess power represents pollution and counts against you. Balancing these factors is part of the game's puzzle.

Building tiles are drafted using numbered pointers that allow players to select a tile so many steps inside a row or column. You must then place that building tile in your city in a row or column matching that same pointer. This unique method of drafting and then placing your tiles adds an additional layer to Quadropolis that elevates it above other drafting based games.

Before it became the "Sims" there was a computer game called Sim City. Quadropolis feels to me like Sim City the Board game. If that sounds cool to you then Quadropolis might be a good game for you. For me, Quadropolis is my 80th favorite game of all time.

#79 Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House uses domino type tiles that stack on top of each other. The tiles show types of gingerbread cookies. As you cover up cookies with tiles, you earn those cookies into your supply. Cookies are traded for cards showing different fairytale characters. You have to have the right treats to attract the specific cards that you want and these are worth points which will help you win the game.

Additional scoring objectives can be won by completing levels of your house. These objectives might reward you for collecting fairytale characters of a specific type of building up your gingerbread house in a particular way. Leveraging these bonus objectives is the key to victory.

Gingerbread House is a light breezy tile laying / tile stacking game. The art on the tiles and on the fairytale character cards is gorgeous. The theme is that you are all witches like the one from Hansel and Gretel and you are using your Gingerbread House to lure these various characters to you in order to eat them. It's morbidly funny and makes the game just that much more charming.

Gingerbread House is a great game, and it's my 79th favorite game of all time.

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  1. Both of these were in my top 20 the last time I ranked games ...