Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amazing Spider-man 2 Costume ROCKS!

So, I liked the Amazing Spider-man movie alright. I aparently wasn't thrilled enough by it to give it a shining review here on my blog. Nor did I hate it, which would have likely resulted in a blog review as well. It just didn't move me. It was there. I was there. No one got hurt. I had some popcorn. And that's that. But, it wasn't until yesterday that I came to realize a key reason why the movie didn't "grab" me.

It is the costume! I absolutely HATE Spider-man's costume here. Do you see how they tried to mute the colors and make everything all dark and subdued, and then they did this stylistic Spider-man 2099 AD thing with it to make it seem all science-fictiony ... it's ugly. This is Spider-man, not Blade Runner.

Anyway ... I don't like it, and I think that flavored my experience of the entire film. But, I just watched this trailer for the Amazing Spider-man 2 ...

That costume is fantastic! This is the best looking movie Spider-man ever! He's bright, vibrant! The design is true to the comics! The eye lenses are huge! Everything looks awesome!!  I am so blown away by just the costume that I suddenly find I am totally excited to see this movie! Wow! What a difference.



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